Grand Re-Opening

So, I have been totally neglecting this blog. Now, I’m introducing the Grand Re-Opening of my blogging life… with a different blog even. That’s right, A Joyous Journey is morphing into The Life of Linz. Don’t forget to update your bookmarks! And get ready to hold onto your hats, because I have the feeling that it’s going to be crazy at times!


Witty Title Goes Here

I’ve had this stashed in a folder for so long I forgot where I found it to begin with, but I discovered it earlier as I was doing a bit of hard drive clean-up on my computer. 😀

I am thinking… that I need to get my hair trimmed, and maybe I’ll add one more shorter layer.

I am thankful for… a warm house, plenty of food, and a loving family.

I am creating… well, nothing much right now, but I have a drawing to finish.

I am going… to watch a movie with my family soon.

I am wearing… comfy PJ’s and fuzzy spa socks.

I am reading… Keep A Quiet Heart by Elisabeth Elliot.

I am hoping… that I will get over this cold/sinusitis/whatever it is very soon.

I am hearing… water running, keys clicking, and my sister doing something in her room.

In the kitchen… all the kitchen work for today is finished and the teakettle is boiling.

Outside my window… it is dark and foggy.

Around the house… things are neat and tidy.

One of my favorite things… is homemade soap.

A few plans for the rest of the week… are: have friends over to eat lunch with us tomorrow, celebrate my best friend’s birthday on Tuesday, get together with other best friends, and have a wonderful New Year!

So, needing some fresh content, and because I thought it was a nifty meme, I left a comment on Elisabeth’s blog asking to be assigned a letter. That letter turned out to be ‘M’, so here’s a list of 10 ‘M’ words.

1.) Music. My favorite thing in the whole world. I’ve come to realize that I am always somehow connected to music, whether listening to it, playing an instrument, singing, humming, or even just having a song running through my head. I’ve also realized that non-musical people can’t understand this love.

2.) Mocha. I love chocolate, and I love coffee…  so mocha is the best of both worlds.

3.) Movies. Watching movies is something I greatly enjoy, but don’t do that often.

4.) Mildly Amusing Musings. The aforementioned blog authored by Elisabeth. I love reading over there.

5.) Mom. I have the best ever. End of story. 😀

6.) Micmiss. What my friend Aprille calls Christmas, and I think it’s the cutest thing ever.

7.) Migraines. I had one of these on Friday – ugh.

8.) Morning person. What I am not, but forced to try to be anyway since one of the girls I babysit arrives a little after 6:30.

9.) Minolta. My first camera, bought for $2.50 at a yard sale when I was about ten. Named Minnie, she was a nice little compact 35mm, and served me well until I got really interested in fell in love with photography. Then I upgraded to digital, first Mom’s Kodak, then my Canon P&S, and recently, my Canon Rebel XSi. Minnie is still around here somewhere though.

10.) Mess. The current state of my room. 😛 I should go clean it.

So, leave a comment requesting a letter and you’ll get one. It’s a never ending cycle.

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My Favorite Room

This post is for my poor readers who have been waiting to find out what my first favorite room in our house is. 😀

So here it is:

The Living Room!

I was going to clean it all up first, but then I figured that I would show it to you how it looks “lived in.” This is the room we hang out in pretty much all the time. The kids I babysit play here. In the evenings, my family sits here together, even if we are doing our own things. We sit and drink coffee and talk here. When we have company, everyone gravitates here and finds a comfy spot. One of our pianos is in here, so we sing together or I play it or practice on it, and even teach lessons using it sometimes. In fact, I’m sitting in here now, by the fireplace (which you can’t see in the picture and is actually a LP gas-burning stove of sorts) sipping some hot spiced apple cider as I type, and I have this one thing to say… Life is good. 😀

My “new” room!

Guess what? We got my room finished! As promised, here are pictures:

My room as viewed from the door.

The dresser side.

The desk side.

These pegs are my favorite part of the shelves.

Aren’t they just so cute?

So, there you have it. Do you like it? I love it! My room is my second-favorite room in the house now. 😀

My sister has been raising four monarch butterflies – check out her blog to see pictures and read all about it! It’s been an interesting project. I never knew she had the makings of an entomologist. 😀